Introducing… our new-look website!

Introducing… our new-look website!

The revamped was about a year in the making. For refreshing our corporate identity to doing a lifestyle and product shoot to overhauling the entire website – it’s done and we couldn’t be more delighted!

It’s the refrain of every new business: you’re so busy building the business that the brand image and marketing strategy fall by the wayside. This was certainly true for Royale SA. In between ploughing the land, harvesting the seeds and selling the product, a website wasn’t really the priority it needed to be.

While we’ve had a website right from the beginning it didn’t really reflect our brand goals, neither in look or functionality. This is what we started out with:

Towards the end of 2017 we knew it was time for a makeover – we need something cleaner, fresher and more in line with the personality and ethos of the brand.

For the redesign of the website we worked with One Day Company who understood that we need something simple, yet visually striking and a website that makes our pomegranate seed oil the hero.

Stories are important to Royale SA. Every part of the brand story has a story to it, and the story behind the brand is part of what makes it so special. We wanted a way to share those stories in the form of blogs. The blog section of the website is called “Field Notes”. A beautiful, whimsical reference to the collection of information by scientists and researchers on the specific (natural) phenomenon they are studying. Our blog tells stories about the brand, about the product and the process, and about the people in our community.

The website also serves as a space for storing and sharing press features and testimonials. Too often these sorts of things end up being forgotten in a folder on an old computer somewhere, despite it being an essential reflection of the brand’s journey.

Last but not least, the online shop had to ensure that it is easy to buy our products online, while offering all the necessary information about the product too. We’re delighted with the results, and eagerly await orders!  



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