Get up, feel great, GO – the morning rituals that keep me motivated

Get up, feel great, GO – the morning rituals that keep me motivated

We’ve known for years that the early bird catches the worm, but lately the interwebs seem fixated on morning rituals, with plenty of advice, tips and ideas for super-sizing your morning to set the right tone for the day.

I’ve been a fan of a set morning routine for ages (long before it was trendy – when it was just a way of doing things!), but the renewed interest got me thinking about my ways nevertheless. And so I decided to share what works for me in the mornings, and maybe you could adopt some of it too.


The very first thing I do when I open my eyes is drink a big glass of water. Doing this is good for flushing out toxins, igniting your metabolism for the day, hydrating you and fuelling your brain. Some people believe it’s better if you add a slice of lemon or drink it warm, but I just take mine straight out the tap.


Anybody who has ever asked me anything about skincare will know that I am fanatical about the importance of washing your face twice a day! Interestingly, many women that I have encountered over the years admit to mostly only doing this once a day, and usually in the evening. I mentioned this in my blog about manageable beauty resolutions for 2019 too.

I wash my face every morning. In fact, it’s a habit on par with brushing my teeth. I don’t think I would be able to leave the house – actually, not even concentrate – if I don’t do this first thing. It’s a habit worth cultivating, and one that your future self will thank you for.


I’m no scientist but I know that movement and momentum create more movement and momentum, and in recent times I have found the same to be true of moving your body. As soon as I do some stretches or a bit of light cardio in the morning it not only increase my energy right there and then but it also keeps me feeling energised for the rest of the day. Exercise is good for you – you know that right? Just find something that works for you.


As a committed Christian an attitude of gratitude is one I actively seek to cultivate. Every morning I try to take a few minutes to think about the things I am grateful for. Some mornings I take more time with this and I’ll note it down in my journal as I enjoy a cup of coffee after the kids go to school. Other mornings I’ll just consciously think about what I am grateful for while I wash my face or make the bed.

I reckon instituting just one of these habits into your morning routine will already do wonders for your psyche and your soul. Keen to hear what works for all of you.


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