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Bakuchiol Immortelle Online - Royale SA - Cape Town - Natural Skincare

Launching Bakuchiol Immortelle

This little mini packs a punch! Since Bakuchiol started trending internationally in the natural skincare houses, we’ve been wanting to add it to our product range, so we are particularly excited about this one. It’s your inbetweener skin correcter that contains Bakuchiol – the new natural alternative to retinol (pronounced ba-koo-heel).

Bakuchiol Immortelle Online - Royale SA - Cape Town - Natural Skincare

image by @allettewinckler

Cansa Approved Aftercare Serum - Pomegranate Seed Oil - Royale SA - Cape Town - 5

Full Circle – THE REASON (behind the CANSA Approved Aftercare Serum)

If my Dad hadn’t been diagnosed with skin cancer, I probably wouldn’t have pursued my five-year dream and burning desire to create an after-care serum from pomegranate seed oil to soothe and moisturise dry skin.

Cansa Approved Aftercare Serum - Pomegranate Seed Oil - Royale SA - Cape Town - 3

After chemotherapy treatments, my Dad was struggling with thinning skin and also had ‘sunburnt’ patches from the radiation treatments. ⁠Being a world-acclaimed winemaker that was in the spotlight often, I picked up that he became very self-conscious about his skin. If you’ve ever had a loved one going through the journey of cancer, you would know that you would do anything to help that person cope with a diagnosis.  ⁠⁠READ MORE

The difference between a carrier and an essential oil - Royale SA - Cape Town - 4

Carrier, essential and the story behind the oil

One of the great things about markets, expos and trade shows is that we get to interact with you, our clients. I love finding out what people are interested in when it comes to skincare and also the specific questions you have about the use of oils as part of a skincare routine.

And one of the questions we always get is why pomegranate seed oil, so we went straight to the source. In her own words, this is what founder Izette Dreyer has to say:


Magnificent Morocco

It was an absolute honour to be selected by the Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa (CECOSA) to travel to Morocco to attend the CBHExpo in Casablanca. The CBHExpo is a trade show that represents the cosmetics and hygiene supply chain. Argan oil, which is produced from the kernels of the argan tree, is endemic to Morocco and a well-known and respected skincare oil. To say it was fascinating to visit the “country of beauty oil” is an understatement.


RoayleSA_2019 Beauty Resolutions

4 (Manageable) beauty resolutions for 2019

The well-deserved indulgence of the Festive Season often sees us frantically making elaborate health and beauty resolutions. Of course, the intention is admirable, but by Valentine’s Day we haven’t exfoliated our faces once, gone to sleep without removing makeup at least twice, and feel a general sense of despair about ageing ungracefully.

Stop right there and rethink the resolutions. I’ve got four super easy ones.

Stick with these and you’ll thank me in 20 years.




Simply Natural

Natural skincare isn’t just some here-today-gone-tomorrow trend, it’s a lifestyle choice with far-reaching health, beauty and wellness benefits that’s more than just skin deep.


Introducing… our new-look website!

The revamped was about a year in the making. For refreshing our corporate identity to doing a lifestyle and product shoot to overhauling the entire website – it’s done and we couldn’t be more delighted!



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